Commemoration and its call to action…Citizen participation


Michael Manley Dec.10,1924 – March 6, 1997

PREE DIS (as the local parlance commands )

Eighteen families in Portland Cottage, Clarendon recently received new houses thanks to a donation of approximately J$11.52 million made by Chris Davitt and Craig Ruppert, along with their friends from the United States, and Food For The Poor (FFP).

Davitt and Ruppert, who have set one of their lives’ goals as donating annually to Jamaica, travelled to the island on February 12 with a team of 36. The group, assisted by staff members of Food For The Poor Jamaica, built the houses on February 13 and 14, 2016.

David Mair, Executive Director of FFP Jamaica, said he was pleased that these two gentlemen, along with their family and friends – who form the mission group ‘Davitt/Ruppert Family and Friends’ – had created an annual calendar event to journey to Jamaica and construct houses for the homeless.

“It costs approximately J$640,000 to construct one house. With Davitt, Ruppert and their family and friends’ initiative of constructing 18 houses, this sums up to approximately J$11.52 million. This is a grand donation!” Mair said in a recent interview.

Mair said the entire group epitomizes what it means to be your brother’s keeper.


Hola ….I recently read the above  article in the Daily OBSERVER and as an observer I was firstly in awe of these good citizens who sought to engage with society and their fellow mankind in this way and secondly, the question I am sure numerous readers asked -how do we scale up this accomplishment. I also will go further and ask what obstacles exist that prevents replication of common best practices. Clearly this is one. Who (government and/or private sector) has engaged with these persons and sought to partner with them or to adapt the approach and scale it up?

Today March 6 marks the anniversary of the passing of one of Jamaica’s most prolific Prime Minister. This post is in commemoration of an industrious leader.




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