‘Give us Vision less we perish….’

The title of this blog entry is one of the lines from the national anthem of Jamaica which always resonates with me.


Negril, Jamaica sunset. Photo: Hilary F. Smith, 2012.

As a trained Urban Planner,  Environmentalist and Policy Analyst and last but by no means least lover of all things historical, I love the idea and in fact see the necessity of having a vision which lays the foundation for a plan of action. So I have taken the time to understand, in a concise way, just exactly what is the vision for my country. After all the line above indicates that we intercede to the Most High God for such and therefore this must be in place and executional. I have spoken with and done numerous review and it is  a conclusion that what exist is the VISION 2030. Many have stated that this is BOTH a vision / strategic document as well as a national development plan. I had some misgivings about this but have not allowed myself to dwell on that here. It was a very ambitious undertaking and resulted in voluminous  documents as the product of such. So much so that a ‘popular version’ was produced… a shorter more compact version aimed at easy promulgation. As a result of my self study the following gives a quick and dirty synopsis. It is helping me with some much needed professional direction and perhaps it is also timely for revisit by many in decision making at this crucial time of refocus on the country’s development.

VISION 2030- Jamaica’s National Development Plan

Jamaica’s comprehensive long term National Development Plan that seeks to position Jamaica to achieve developed country status by 2030. The long-term development plan is based on a comprehensive vision ‘Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families, and do business,’ and on guiding principles which put ‘people ‘at the centre of Jamaica’s transformation.


Vision 2030 Jamaica is based on the Guiding Principles listed below.  

  • Jamaica’s transformation must have PEOPLE at the centre of its development. 
  • Transformation should be directed by an over-arching VISION for the society, buttressed by strong, extra-ordinary LEADERSHIP and guided by a cohesive and comprehensive development PLAN. 
  • Sustainability – integrating economic, social and environmental issues 
  • Fostering balanced development in rural, urban and regional areas
  • Equity – ensuring that the Plan facilitates equality of opportunity and equal rights 
  • Social cohesion and partnerships

These Guiding Principles prioritize the elements which are absolutely critical for enhancing the quality of life of all Jamaicans and for the country’s achievement of world class standards in specific or predetermined areas.


In order to achieve developed country status, Vision 2030 Jamaica will give priority attention to the following key areas of national development: Developing Human Resources, Effective Governance, Environmental Sustainability, Gender, Culture & Values, Health, Infrastructure, International Competitiveness, Law & Order, Population, Regional Development, Science, Technology & Innovation and Social Protection.


There are three (3) components:
The Integrated National Development Plan: this is the overall plan for Vision 2030 Jamaica that integrates all the sector plans into a single comprehensive plan for long-term national development. It includes the National Vision, the four National Goals and the fifteen National Outcomes, and the fifteen National Strategies necessary to achieve these goals and outcomes.

The Medium Term Socio-economic Policy Framework (MTF): a three yearly plan that summarizes the national priorities and targets and identifies the necessary actions to achieve those targets over each three year period leading up to 2030.

The Thirty-one Sector Plans: these sector plans cover economic, social, environmental and governance sectors relevant to national development. At this level Vision 2030 will be implemented through strategic frameworks and action plans for each sector as detailed in the individual sector plans.

Well this sure helped me to get an handle on Vision 2030. My aim, in the not too distant future, is to undertake a comprehensive review instead of the intermittent perusals of selected sector plans in the past…wish me luck.



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