Friday…end of the work week ‘bits and pieces’


The work week is not yet over and for some of us it will include the weekend as well…(sigh). However just thought to post these quick shares in order to get through it all.


1. The ‘Jamaican’ influence. There is no dispute that as a country (and this is operationalized by the people of Jamaican descent)- Jamaica has an impactful global influence. Take this example from Nairobi, Kenya. Thanks Oral Campbell -BUPJ. However, sometimes I wish it was not for the wrong, nonsustaining, superficial reasons.

2. And here’s another one……

Shaggy’s ‘IT WASN’T ME.’ In case you don’t know here is a link to the song-


3. This video

Led me to think that this can be replicated for so many other situations ‪#‎beingfat‬, ‪#‎bodyshaming‬,‪#‎beingblack‬, ‪#‎beingmuslim‬ ‪#‎beingrastafarian‬ ‪#‎beingnative‬ ‪#‎beinglocal‬,‪#‎beingyoung‬, ‪#‎beingawoman‬, #beingmisunderstood, ‪#‎notapartoftheindustrycrowd‬, ‪#‎notoneofthem‬,‪#‎beingdifferent‬, ‪#‎beingafirst‬, ‪#‎beingunknown‬ ‪#‎justbeing‬! ‪#‎stopthinkrespect‬.

Just keeping it real!


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