Out of sorts…it seems like right is wrong and wrong is right but D.I.A.L

‘…so much trouble in the world…’ Bob Marley

Its been a while since I have had the strength yes strength to write a post notwithstanding (a) a lot having transpired over the past months and (b) I have so much on my troubled mind. But let me summarily get to a few of them. The shooting in the head of the young school girl last month shook me to the core. I remember this little girl, who was a Primary classmate and schoolmate of my son, running around in class and the number of occasions I had to interact with her. The fact that here it was an innocent young girl was on her way to school, in the early morning of a normal school day…enough said on that. I, like so many others are so happy and thankful, believing in God to carry her through.

Words from one of the most recent prolific reggae artist Nesbeth’s  latest song entitled DIAL (devil is a liar) is like solace to my soul lately.


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