Goat Islands… Once you go you know (Part 2)

What great news!

There was a definitive response from the highest level of decision-making on the so-called fate of the Goat Islands last week.

The decision– while the logistics hub development will go forward, the inclusion of the Goat Islands will not occur.

This is lauded as not only the Government showing some balls, but also as a long overdue victory for environmental conservation and environmental lobbyist groups such as Jamaica Environment Trust (JET). This followed on from the Prime Minister’s tour earlier of the Portland Bight Protected Area.


In one of my earliest blogs dubbed, ‘The Goat Islands…once you go, you know.‘ published almost a year ago on September 30, 2015, I posited that well thinking individuals once edified will know what to do. There needs to be paradigm shifts in how we perceive the route of development. As a trained urban Planner and Environmental Policy Analyst its an imperative, in my view, that holistic balances are struck, especially for small island developing states and in particular with the threat of the changing climate. There are examples of countries adapting greener approaches to development. In addition where green technologies were deemed capital intensive in the past, a reason often referenced as  prohibitive for its adoption, the technologies are becoming cheaper as Scientist and Researcher are becoming increasingly innovative. The next steps involve the will to act and the desire to do the right thing.


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