Is it really the start or a continuation?…

I have been reading a lot of history and gaining background insight, context and knowledge to a lot of the meanings behind the holidays. There were some information I knew having studied European history from the renaissance to revolution. However there was quite a bit that was astoundingly new and quite enlightening. As we get into this I want to share this gem- Knowledge IS power. GET IT.

Moving forward

Many persons make new year’s  resolutions at this time. The belief, I suppose, is that new year, new beginnings. I had undoubtably also subscribed to this in the past, however I have since been reformed. I now strongly operate from the understanding that life- from birth to the grave is a process…a continuous one. Therefore each blessed year is a continuation. To see this clearly, for each birthdate one does not cap off the past and start over. So too analogously  the new year, each year, whether the gregorian calendar or otherwise, is a continuation…If you subscribe to this then you know its a matter of taking stock and realizing that it is never too late. Everyday the universe teaches us  lesson and reveals new things to us. It unfolds such that people we thought we knew we make discoveries about them. We learn more about ourselves we get to understand just how much we are able to tolerate, who we must avoid, who are true and trustworthy, who really wants us to succeed and who is watching for our downfall.Thus we must be aware.

This is an imperative as you strive to become a better you. You must shed useless situations and people. Learn the lessons and keep it moving. The pressure within must be greater than without.  Similarly, we must make choices. Choose to avoid people and situations that have no real value to your well being. You will know them, these things will  drain your energy, totally defeating your efforts and attempts at growth. Summarily, each juncture is an opportunity to sober up, opening your eyes to all truths, the greatest of which is make your life count. Whilst doing this sustain yourselves spiritually, mentally and physically. Love thyself. If you do not care for yourself then you are no good to anyone. Do yourself the favour.

Happy Independence Day Haiti!

Our sister island Haiti celebrates 213 years as the first independent black country. When you read the history of the series of events resulting in this feat you will be amazed at the tenacity and courage inherent in the people of color.

However sadly, it perplexes a lot of us and often begs a common question, in relation to the current state of Haiti – why is Haiti so poor? Watch this video directed by Noland Walker.

To think that whole process endured for twelve years before the final result! Which brings me to a very important piece of wisdom.

KEEP PRESSING… your best is yet to come. All the very best to a better you!


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