Understanding self in a global context

Not often does one get the chance to leave ‘home’ and venture very far, far, faraway. When you do… a lot of things come into perspective. Some include your own mortality, your uniqueness, your tribal allegiance ( or sense thereof), your likes, dislikes, and tolerance level(s) to name a few.

For me I am currently partaking in an adventure of a life time. Its an item on my bucket list that arrived early. In this case after travelling for almost a day and arriving finally at the destination, I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for personal safety and security in a time of global conflicts and uncertainties. I am cognizant that a lot could have happened between saying goodbye to loved ones and arriving half way across the world…so yeah am thankful.

The next thoughts were basically my mind processing this idea of ‘self,’ having being on the long journey and having experience of many persons of varied nationalities and ethnicities, I was made to think about ‘self’ and this understanding will help me to navigate with my fellow nationals and other global citizens. Once I have a good grasp on that I will survive…of this am certain.

I think this was especially poignant as I watched ‘others’, I love to observe people and it made me self aware even as I was critical of them or even as I admired them. Being human and being able to see the humanness in others is a complex meandering of emotions. Much is brought to bear to formulate your own reality, such as the fact that perhaps where you are from is sometimes not even represented on a map but still holds such significance. This then leads you to reflect on your significance and why you were afforded certain opportunities. The answer may be that its a part of your ‘destiny’ and ‘purpose’ as well it makes you appreciate your ‘place’ in this world.

But no matter what my friends enjoy the journey, take the ride and do not forget to smile…



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