Winning …its all in the mind

I am amazed at how life unfolds each day.

Amidst the everyday struggles of life and work, the challenge to stay ‘on top of things’ is real! However like most things affecting mankind it starts in the mind and manifests in the spirit before taking root and becoming action. I provide this precursive statement to indicate that in order to be successful one needs a winning mindset.

From my experiences and observations to achieve this one must realize that their destiny is already preordained. Thus obstacles, subterfuge and roadblocks are just delays but do not mean a denial. With this ‘in mind’ we can rise above the fray and operate from a place of peace. We can have joy in the knowledge that we have control over how we react and what we do… no one else. Any other thought is self limiting.

Therefore when a deluge of events, people and things come our way on the daily, we have to calm our minds and take ourselves to the place of a higher and deeper understanding. Having control over our minds mean we have already won…KEEP WINNING!


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