I have failed, to win.

Too often we are busy with life’s business that we do not realize that we have failed. The daily routine provides us with a respite lulling us into a misplaced sense of right feeling. However, we know its not quite right though. Many persons nowadays find themselves wondering and wandering. There is a nagging feeling that there is more to life and we have gone on or been on a misplaced ( sometimes misguided) path. For some the persistent nagging moves beyond a loud whisper to serious mind screams that we have failed. We, myself included for emphasis, have failed miserably at living.

We have failed to grasp the full understand of living right well. We may have missed the mark due to misinformation or just maybe due to our own stupidity. But it is at this juncture of self actualization that is cataclysmic. We now have the chance to change, to evolve, to launch. Being a failure is a temporary state within which we realize ¬†opportunities to BE…be you. Be the you you are meant to be. Be the you you were created to be. You will find, like I do, that every day of self discovery requites hope. Failing to win renews your being oftentimes ignition new energies, mindsets and power to create whole different ways of doing and thereby setting the stage for shifts to winning.

‘Sometimes you gotta lose, to win again.’ Lyrics from song by Fantasia (American female vocalist).